Oil Prices

The Oil Market Journal provides a wide range of live, forward, settlement, and historical oil prices for the Rotterdam spot market and other key international markets.

When it comes to trading oil, whether you are an oil distributor, shipper, airline or commercial end user, you need a reliable, trustworthy and authoritative source of oil prices.

The OMJ provides oil traders and other large volume oil buyers with a wide range of oil prices, enabling clients to make informed trading decisions.

Rotterdam Intraday Prices

The Oil Market Journal provides intraday prices for refined oil products traded on the Rotterdam spot market. Reliable price assessments are delivered in real time from 3am to 10pm enabling oil distributors, traders and buyers to make informed trading decisions.

Proprietary prices are available for a wide range of oil products including Jet Kero, Gas Oil, ULSD, Gasoline, and Fuel Oil. Prices are available in a range of currencies and units including Dollars per tonne, Sterling pence per litre and Euros per litre.

Settlement Oil Prices

OMJ is a licensed data provider for SPGCI Platts and Argus Media. OMJ provides a wide range of daily settlement oil, biofuel and gas prices.

In addition, OMJ provides SPGCI Platts and Argus derived prices in local currency per litre terms including taxes and duties including calculated prices for complex mineral and biofuel blends.

Historical Prices

OMJ has a large database of historical oil prices enabling clients to graph trends and identify trading opportunities. Historical data is available online, in pdf and excel formats.

Futures Prices

Live / delayed oil and commodity futures prices are available from the exchanges in London, Chicago, and New York.

Swap Prices

Oil swap (forward) prices are also available for a range of refined products traded in Europe, United States and Singapore.

Foreign Exchange Prices

Foreign exchange prices are available in real-time for hundreds of pairs. In addition, settlement prices are available from the Financial Times, ECB, regional central banks and The Oil Market Journal.

Biofuel Prices

Intraday differential, outright prices, settlement and forward prices are available on the OMJ biofuel feed. Prices are available for HVO, Tallow, UCOME, Fame 0, Fame -10, Ethanol, SME, RME, TME, PME and RTFCs.

Commodity Prices

OMJ also provides a wide range of broker and exchange commodity data including prices for agriculture, dry commodity, energy, power, gas, emissions and electricity.