OMJ Successful Reports

The Oil Market Journal publishes a range of daily, weekly and monthly reports, providing clients with dependable advice on trading oil.

For years, clients have placed their trust in the OMJ to provide them with totally independent and concise advice on trading refined products such as Jet Kero, Gas Oil, ULSD, Gasoline as well as Crude Oil.

OMJ analysts have a deep understanding of oil markets, the influence of geo-politics and macro economics, as well as the correlation with equity and forex markets. As a result clients benefit from consistently reliable advice.

Click on the links below to read highlights of some of our recent reports:

OMJ Research Highlights 2014

Successful Report - Morning Comment December 2010
Successful Report - Morning Comment February 2012
Successful Report - Weekly Energy Roadmap Q2 2012
Successful Report - Morning Buy Scores